The American Idol 2012 Finale was well how can i say this it felt like idol already had the winner in their minds and that Phillip Was supposed to win .Jessica had an amazing Week every single week on idol and just wowed us each week yet she didn't win ? Now I Ask Myself How can this be when She had Millions of Fans I Mean On Youtube Her Videos were viewed WAY More then Any other contestant .Phillip May In general be a good guy i don't know .But What i do know is Vocally Wise Jessica won ..Now I Have Watched Idol EVERY Year.And it used to be the true talented one won but i am not sure that happen this year or a few times the last few years .WGWG Win ..Sorry if i sound as if i am bitter.i actually am not only because i know Jessica will have a huge career and sell lots of records and be a huge success i just don't think the right one won this year .
5/3/2013 05:56:46 am

‘Glee’ welcomes Jessica Sanchez as Frida Romero


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    Author: Katherine

    My Name is Katherine .A Huge Fan Of Jessica Sanchez,Carrie Underwood..But I Will Be Honest in each blog so i am sorry i it makes you mad 


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